About Shea Salisbury

22 years old; shea is figuring out how to do this messy yet beautiful life just like the rest of us. She has passion to pursue, capture, and create beauty in it’s purest form; storytelling. She is currently based out of Santa Barbara, CA working in coffee. After doing the freelance life for a while she realized that she saw beautiful content everywhere but not always beautiful stories. This kickstarted her journey into remembering why she started photo in the first place; to capture vulnerable beauty through all kinds of people, places, and moments. Less of the digital screen and more things to keep on a coffee table that you could inspire your future kids with. With dreams of starting a print magazine, shea is finally coming back into who she really is and doing what she actually loves by bringing her camera everywhere and listening to people and their journeys throughout life. Whether the magazine ends up being just for her coffee table or many others, she is anticipating incredible stories that have been waiting to be told; finally being shared through something one can hold in two hands. Stay along for the ride to read and see the things that shea sees are worth sharing. Also she is not on social media so you’ll have to find her the good old style way of connecting; face to face.