January was quiet. It was sprinkled with fullness and many emotions. It felt lonely at times, hopeful in others. Lots of questions; not many answers. Peace and rest have begun to flood in while I begin to let go more and more. I’ve included a whole roll of film in this post from start to finish. I haven’t deleted the blurry photos or the ones that aren’t super put together. Some you see are mundane, some are full of laughs. Some speak only to me and others may speak lots to you. Behind these photos are moments; loud and soft. Music, scents, dinner parties in yurts, surprise finds of redwoods in Santa Barbara, our friends new van purchase, beach days with Meredith, random dogs, between takes in the studio with John, new friends, the best tacos, and more. Scroll through, wonder, let them speak, or forget about this post altogether. *most enjoyed while listening to “Palemote” by Slow Meadow*